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To best serve you we have made the most important documents available to you for download from our download centre.


Here you will find information regarding the purchase, installation and service of our products.


We can also provide you with printed copies of the corresponding documents on request.


 Short description Date Type Size
Garage door brochureGarage door brochure 2021-03 pdf 3,6MB
Door flyers for garage doorsDoor flyers for garage doors 2021-03-25 pdf 3,5MB
Panel brochurePanel brochure 2015-10-12 pdf 2,32MB
Garage door: Measurement sheet / Request form OnlineGarage door: Measurement sheet / Request form (PC) 2020-04-09 pdf 288KB
Garage door: Measurement sheet / Request form PrintGarage door: Measurement sheet / Request form (print) 2020-04-09 pdf 491KB
Side door: Measurement sheet OnlineSide door: Measurement sheet (PC) 2020-04-09 pdf 182KB
Side door: Measurement sheet PrintSide door: Measurement sheet (print) 2020-04-09 pdf 240KB
Double wing door: Measurement sheet OnlineDouble wing door: Measurement sheet (PC) 2020-08-11 pdf 187KB
Double wing door: Measurement sheet PrintDouble wing door: Measurement sheet (print) 2020-08-11 pdf 164KB
Side door: Technical dataSide door: Technical data 2020-04 pdf 2,6MB
Garage door V3000: Technical informationGarage door V3100: Technical information 2021-05-03 pdf 2,1MB
Garage door V3000Z: Technical informationGarage door V3000Z: Technical information 2021-05-03 pdf 1,9MB
Garage door V3000: Technical informationGarage door V4000: Technical information 2021-05-03 pdf 1,1MB
Industrial door: Technical informationIndustrial door: Technical information 2021-05-03 pdf 1,9MB
Side door - narrow frame: installation instructionsSide door - narrow frame: installation instructions 2022-08-02 pdf 2,4MB
V3000Z: installation instructionsV3000Z: installation instructions 2022-11-30 pdf 13,3MB
V3100L low headroom: installation instructionsV3100L-PK low headroom: installation instructions 2022-11-30 pdf 15,9MB
V3100L standard headroom: installation instructionsV3100N-PK standard headroom: installation instructions 2022-11-30 pdf 17,4MB
V32000L: installation instructionsV3200L: installation instructions 2022-11-30 pdf 12,6MB
V4000: installation instructionsV4000: installation instructions 2022-11-30 pdf 9,0MB
Fastening: Data sheetFastening: Data sheet 2020-04 pdf 1,80MB
Hardware: Data sheetHardware: Data sheet 2015-10 pdf 1,35KB
Seals: Data sheetSeals: Data sheet 2015-10 pdf 671KB
Springs: Data sheetSprings: Data sheet 2015-10 pdf 126KB
Caps: Data sheetCaps: Data sheet 2020-02 pdf 163KB
Rollers: Data sheetRollers: Data sheet 2015-10 pdf 716KB
Panels: Data sheetPanels: Data sheet 2020-01 pdf 1,10MB
Profiles: Data sheetProfiles: Data sheet 2017-04 pdf 1,23MB
Hinges: Data sheetHinges: Data sheet 2015-10 pdf 757KB
Cables: Data sheetCables: Data sheet 2015-10 pdf 146KB
Locking mechanism: Data sheetLocking mechanism: Data sheet 2015-10 pdf 1,17MB
Assembly instructionsAssembly conditions 2023-03 pdf 102KB
General terms and conditionsGeneral terms and conditions 2022-10-18 pdf 181KB
Cancellation formCancellation form 2022-09-08 pdf 12KB



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